Online Flight Mileage Calculator

This calculator allows frequent flyers or aviation enthusiasts to compute the flight distance between two airports. This is the key information needed to estimate how many miles can be earned on your frequent flyer program account. The flight path is also displayed on a map, so you can have an idea of which cities you will fly over on your next flight.

Start a calculation

Start typing the first letters of the IATA code (example: JFK) or the airport name (example: John F Kennedy Intl) or the city name (example: New York). As soon as the right airport appears in one of the hints in the list, select it using the cursor down key or the mouse. The list is limited to 5 hints, so if the airport is not shown, continue typing more letters until it appears.

      Sample flight from Heathrow (London) to Los Angeles Intl (Los Angeles)

      5442 miles

      Equivalent to 8759 km

      Round trip: 10885 miles (17518 km)

      Route Map